Keyword Research

Since optimizing a website for every conceivable relevant keyword phrase is prohibitively expensive, selecting the right keywords makes the difference.

Our website keyword research and analysis process, developed over years, has achieved top results for clients in a wide range of competitive B2B and B2C niches.


Little Dazzles has been performing SEO since 2007. Our full-time, in-house SEO team understands the many nuances of competitive keyword research. Today, as one of the largest middle-market SEO agencies in the U.S., we have keyword research projects underway day-in and day-out.

Companies invest in keyword research for SEO to generate sales leads and revenue, and that is precisely where our focus is. Whether it’s a survey of the most popular terms or long tail keyword research, we select keywords based on their probability of attracting attention from good prospective customers.

We welcome your input on keyword research and analysis! The knowledge you have of your industry and customer base is invaluable to identify search terms that attract leads, and eliminate ones that don’t. We’ve learned a collaborative approach gives you an edge over hands-off competitors!